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Meta Launches New Quest For Business Program From $15/Month

Meta Launches New Quest For Business Program From $15/Month

Meta fully launched the new Quest For Business program, offering mass device management features.

Facebook actually already had a business platform for the original Oculus Quest called Oculus For Business which was built on top of Workspace, Facebook's Slack & Teams competitor. But Oculus For Business is being closed down, and over the past year Meta has been trialing a new replacement program called Meta Quest For Business which is now fully launching.

Quest 2, Pro, and 3 are available on the program at the same price as the consumer devices plus a monthly subscription. There are two tiers of subscription available, Individual Mode for $15/month per headset or Shared Mode for $24/month per headset.

In Individual Mode, each headset is for one specific person, with their own Meta account. The headset has access to the full Quest Store and the user can customize their settings as they like. Meta recommends Individual Mode for use cases like remote collaboration, creativity, and design, where organizations are giving headsets to employees like they would laptops.

Individual Mode supports existing enterprise user management platforms like Microsoft InTune, VMware Workspace ONE, and Ivanti UEM.


Shared Mode works very differently. The headset shows a heavily streamlined system interface with only the apps remotely selected by the administrator available, and the settings are also pre-configured. Users don't sign in with an account, instead they use a per-session PIN code provisioned by the administrator. Meta recommends Shared Mode for use cases like employee training or mass demonstrations at trade shows.

Shared Mode is managed through Meta's Admin Center, with no support for external user management systems as there are no user accounts.

In both modes, administrators can set up headsets in bulk through a Device Manager interface on a PC, and can remotely update the headset, install Wi-Fi certificates, or reset the device entirely.

As part of the subscription Meta is offering dedicated ticket-based support for businesses, with an SLA of 24 hours. But to actually live chat with support requires 'Support Plus', which will incur an additional subscription fee but has an SLA of 4 hours and is available during the weekend.

The enterprise VR market is currently mostly owned by HTC with Vive Focus 3 and ByteDance with Pico 4 Enterprise, and both headsets are designed specifically for business use cases. Meta looks to be trying to take these on with Quest 3 - but will its efforts be enough to gain traction when HTC & Pico have spent years building up direct relationships?

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