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Zenith's First Major Content Update Promises 'Dozens To Hundreds' Of Endgame Hours

Zenith's First Major Content Update Promises 'Dozens To Hundreds' Of Endgame Hours

VR MMO Zenith’s first major content update could provide “dozens to hundreds” of hours of additional content.

That is according to Ramen VR CEO Andy Tsen, who caught up with the Beyond Realities team reporting on the ground at GDC 2022 for UploadVR. “We’ve talked about some of the technologies we’re excited about,” Tsen said of what’s next for the MMO. “We have instance dungeons, instance raids, group content. The stuff that people really have come to look for in a virtual reality game we’re now looking to incorporate. And what we’re trying to do is make the environment a big part of the dungeon itself.”

Ramen has already spoken about expanding on the game’s dungeons in the future, but Tsen explained that this would mean more of the open exploration that players have come to expect from Zenith’s core areas.

So you can expect “more environmental puzzles, more parkour-like things,” Tsen said. “And we want it to feel different from what you might get in a traditional MMO, so we’re really excited to have that out soon. But it should provide dozens to hundreds of additional hours of endgame content depending on whether you’re a casual or hardcore player.”

There’s no word yet on when exactly Zenith’s first major content update will launch, though the developer hopes to release one big update every quarter. We also know that Ramen VR is working on a third major class for the game in the Cyber Ninja, and that the studio recently raised another $35 million to help grow the game.

We thought Zenith had a rock-solid launch earlier this year but definitely wanted to see more content and a lot more polish added into the game. Fingers crossed all of that isn’t too far out.

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