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Waltz Of The Wizard Conjures A PSVR 2 Release Today

Waltz Of The Wizard key art

Waltz of the Wizard, the magic simulator inspired by Disney's Fantasia and Harry Potter, reaches PSVR 2 today with an accompanying update for Quest and Steam.

Developed by Aldin, Waltz of the Wizard has seen a release of some kind dating back to consumer VR's early days, and more recently we've considered it one of the best Quest hand tracking games. Offering a Sorcerer’s Apprentice-style workshop in VR, major updates followed like the Natural Magic expansion and voice interactions. Now reaching PSVR 2 with crossbuy support, you can see the new gameplay footage below:

On all platforms, Waltz of the Wizard adds asymmetric local co-op with player two using a gamepad. When asked for more details, Aldin CEO Hrafn Thorisson tells UploadVR that the second player is a "hovering spectral user" that can follow the VR user and shoot projectiles or pick up and throw objects. They can also make arrows appear to highlight environmental objects, which Thorisson says is "great if you’re using the mode to show new VR users how to do things."

Elsewhere, a press release confirms the PSVR 2 version includes a new voice interaction system with no online networking required, while Headset and Sense Controller haptic feedback are both supported. There's also "unique" eye-tracking interactions for characters and magic and that's also available on Quest Pro.

Waltz of the Wizard is available now on the Meta Quest platform, SteamVR and PSVR 2, and Aldin confirms the original PSVR version has been delisted.

This article, originally published on September 5, was updated on Oct. 3, 2023 to reflect the PSVR 2 launch and accompanying Quest/Steam update.

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