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Waltz Of The Wizard Voice Interaction Now Available On Quest, PC VR

Waltz Of The Wizard Voice Interaction Now Available On Quest, PC VR

Aldin Dynamics pushed a new update for Waltz of the Wizard last week, adding in the previously-announced voice interaction features for Quest and PC VR headsets.

This new feature allows players to speak to Skully — the little anthropomorphic skull found on the main table — and ask him to perform actions and affect objects around the room using just their voice. It utilizes Meta’s new Voice SDK on Quest headsets, but is also available on the PC VR version of the game as well.

In tech demo videos from Aldin, the voice interactions include asking Skully how he is, asking to make objects bigger or smaller, asking for objects to become weightless and even asking for potion ingredients to be turned into frogs.

Aldin says the update adds over 200 new voice lines and character commands, but the aim is to let you interact with the world using a combination of voice, hand and gesture input, just like you do in real life:

Voice and extended multimodal interaction is an important part of Aldin’s vision for natural VR/AR interfaces and believable reality experiences, which the company has been exploring since 2013. Believable reality experiences in this sense refer to content that aims to feel like real-life experiences in alternate realities— where we act like we do in reality and the world reacts believably to our presence. Voice and multimodal interaction is an important part of making that possible, opening powerful new ways to make VR feel more real and magical to use.

Aldin says more information on the voice interaction update and its implementation will be shared soon on its blog.

The voice interaction update is available now for Waltz of the Wizard on Quest and PC VR via Steam and Rift.

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