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Skateboarding Game VRSkater Finally Hits Early Access In April

Back in 2019 we wrote about VRSkater, an ambitious attempt at a VR skateboarding game.

This month, it’s finally releasing.

Deficit Games will launch an Early Access version of VRSkater on Steam on April 30. To celebrate, the studio released a new trailer which you can see below.

Skateboarding might not seem like something that can really work in VR given professional tricks vault you into the air at 90 degree angles and there’s no sense of motion. But Deficit thinks it’s hit on something – rather than sandbox arenas to show off your skills, VRSkater’s levels are more like linear courses with set paths you speed down.

We’re yet to try the game for ourselves to see how the actual tricks will work, though you can pick up speed by swinging your motion controller a little like you would your leg. In Early Access, players will be able to try out the game’s core mechanics and master tricks like flips and grinds, plus there will be tutorials and a run mode on the first fully designed map.

Going forward, though, Deficit wants to add at least six more levels, a full Career mode, online leaderboards and the ability to customize your skateboard. The team hopes to deliver the full version of the game in Q4 of this year, though says that depends on a lot of factors. When we spoke to the studio in 2019 it also said it would like to bring the game to PSVR and Quest, though we’d imagine the PC VR version is the focus for now.

Will you be checking out VRSkater this month? Let us know in the comments below!

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