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Oil Painting VR App Vermillion Launches Multiplayer Update Today

Oil Painting VR App Vermillion Launches Multiplayer Update Today

Vermillion, the VR app that offers realistic wet-on-wet oil painting simulation for PC VR and Quest, receives a free update today adding multiplayer functionality.

This means the multiple users can now join the same room in Vermillion and paint together, opening the app up to in-VR painting lessons led by a teacher or other collaborative and social opportunities.

The announcement comes alongside an amusing new trailer for the update, which you can watch embedded below.

As you can see in the trailer, the multiplayer functionality uses Meta avatars, with support for painting with friends or a more social experience in public rooms. Here’s a description of what to expect, from Vermillion’s creator and sole indie developer Thomas van den Berge:

With multiplayer, you can learn the ropes directly from a friend or someone you meet in a public room. You can paint together with up to four people in the studio, in either public or private sessions. You can share palettes, work together on each others canvases, teach or follow a class, show off your previous work, or simply hang out while casually painting.

Multiplayer support even works with passthrough mode, meaning that you can bring other users into your living room or studio to paint in mixed reality alongside you. The Vermillion multiplayer update is available from today for Quest, with the update coming to PC VR “in a few days.” Once its available on both platforms, Vermillion multiplayer will also support cross-platform play between Quest and PC VR as well.

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