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Vengeful Rites Is A VR RPG That Could Fill The Void Left By Vanishing Realms

Vengeful Rites Is A VR RPG That Could Fill The Void Left By Vanishing Realms

Remember Vanishing Realms? The VR role-playing game (RPG) that got a very promising Early Access release at VR’s launch? It’s been a long time since we’ve seen anything significant from it, but Vengeful Rites looks like it could fill the void it’s left.

This new fantasy game from Deep Dive Interactive is coming to the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive via Early Access in August. Designed exclusively for VR, players embark on an adventure across a world consumed by monsters. You’ll use a mix of sword combat, archery and even magic to defeat enemies in battles that look similar enough to Vanishing Realms to catch our attention but also promises the chance to expand on the foundations Indimo Labs laid down. The trailer below suggests the melee combat in particular will be quite refined and the developers say they want to make it difficult. That’s good by us.

Outside of combat, you’ll also find a perk system that allows you to customize your play style, enhance your weapons, and puzzles that hide optional treasures. The game will feature both smooth and teleportation-based locomotion as well as climbing.

The game will launch with its first chapter complete, including a tutorial. Over the course of Early Access, Deep Dive plans to add three new chapters, each including two to three hours of gameplay. These will add new spells, weapons, puzzles and enemies. The studio wants the full game to offer around 12 hours of content which, by VR’s standards, is pretty good. Early Access is planned to last around a year.

Look for Vengeful Rites to launch on August 31st.

Correction: Small errors regarding minor gameplay features have been corrected in the article.

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