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UploadVR Explores Correspondents Program With Between Realities Hosts

UploadVR Explores Correspondents Program With Between Realities Hosts

I’m excited to announce the first members of the new UploadVR Correspondent program, Alex and Skeeva of Between Realities.

Here at UploadVR, we work hard every day to bring you the latest news, reviews, comments, and interviews from this quickly growing industry. But this is a wide industry with a growing number of voices that offer different perspectives on certain topics. This is where the UploadVR Correspondent Program hopefully comes in.

An UploadVR Correspondent is a paid freelancer, just like we already use regularly, but with an added arrangement around co-branding and cross-promotion of content on multiple channels and sites. So Correspondents are paid just like other freelancers, but their content may be co-branded with UploadVR in different ways.

Between Realities Alex Skeeva

I’m happy to announce that the Between Realities hosts, Alex and Skeeva, are our first UploadVR Correspondents. Going forward, we will be sharing their weekly podcast, Between Realities, on UploadVR as well as producing several new original pieces of content that will be announced soon. I am looking forward to all of the great content that this relationship will produce.

What does an UploadVR Correspondent Do?

They create great content about VR and AR.

Our staff can assist, as time allows, with things like editing, transcriptions, headline or title feedback, research, or maybe even setting up interviews with potential video subjects, but my hope is UploadVR Correspondents share with our audience perspective and stories which shine a light on new and interesting things in VR with a different angle to the industry-leading reviews, reports and interviews from the UploadVR editorial team.

How does one become an UploadVR Correspondent?

The plan is to grow slowly, with only handful of Correspondents to begin with, as we see what kind of content our audiences respond to. You could say that we’re basically “beta testing” this program with Alex and Skeeva, and we hope to reach out to other potential partners to talk about collaborations in the future. We’re not quite there yet, but you can reach out to me if you have thoughts, ideas or concerns by emailing And in the meantime, if you’re an experienced writer and interested in pitching to do a paid freelance article about VR or AR for UploadVR, you can send an email to our Editors, Jamie Feltham ( and Ian Hamilton (

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