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We're Moving VR Download To Thursdays & VR Gamescast To Tuesdays

We're Moving VR Download To Thursdays & VR Gamescast To Tuesdays

VR Download will now stream on Thursdays at 9am PT, and VR Gamescast will stream on Tuesdays at 10am PT.

What Is VR Download & Gamescast?

If you're unfamiliar, VR Download is our weekly show about XR hardware, technology, and industry trends, while VR Gamescast is our weekly show about VR and mixed reality gaming.

Both shows are streamed live to YouTube from UploadVR Studios, our in-house VR app built in Unity, then uploaded to podcast platforms like Apple Podcasts and Spotify soon after.

Why Are We Making This Change?

Our main priority is bringing you the latest and most important VR industry news on, and sometimes that means we aren't able to broadcast VR Download. This has happened twice in a row now.

We're a tiny team operating in a rapidly growing industry where new headsets, platforms, accessories, technologies, and updates are announced almost every day.

We've found that Tuesday tends to be our busiest day for hardware, technology, and industry trends news. So to make it easier to broadcast VR Download more often, we're moving it to Thursday.

When Does This Start?

We'll start by broadcasting VR Download this Thursday, June 27. We'll then broadcast VR Gamescast next Tuesday, July 2.

From then on we'll try our hardest to stick to this schedule, which we hope will make it easier to broadcast every week.

Thanks again to all our viewers, readers, UploadVR Members, and UploadVR Patrons. We appreciate your understanding and support as we navigate what we still believe is the most exciting industry in the world.

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