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Upload LA AR Weekend Workshop: Build An AR Gallery

Calling all designers, programmers, and makers! The word is out: Augmented Reality is the future. With Apple’s recent release of the ARKit, Google’s ARCore, and AR content rising in popularity, now is the perfect time to get in the game! Companies know they should utilize AR technology, but are not sure how. This is the opportunity for you- the future thinker and avid learner- to dive in, carve out your path, and show them the way.

This workshop will focus on location-based triggers. Augmented Reality revolves around dozens of triggers, events that prompt the experiences. In this particular case, Chance Roth will walk us through using geo-coordinates to spark an AR experience, and in turn, teach us how to make our own AR galleries.

You will leave with a new knowledge of the augmented world, the ability to build an AR application, a new network of passionate people and a great start to your AR future!

Find out more about Upload Los Angeles’ AR Weekend Workshop taking place November 3, 4 and 5.

• 3 Days of Training & Networking Dinner at Upload LA
• Access to premier HP development ready PCs
• Access to Work with Instructors one-on-one
• One Week Pass to Upload SF or Upload LA
• Healthy Lunch & Refreshments

• None!


Friday, Nov 3rd (6:30pm-9pm)
6:30pm: Dinner, drinks and play VR/AR games
7:00pm: AR Weekend Talk
7:20pm: Icebreaker
7:30pm: Intro to the AR Industry: history, industry leaders, how AR works
9:00pm: Light drinks and hanging out then we’re done for the night! Get some rest for a big day tomorrow!

Saturday, Nov 4th (10am-6pm)
10:00am: Meet and greet and play VR/AR games
10:30am-12:30pm: Intro to AR Development
12:30pm-12:50pm: AR Weekend Talk
1:00pm: Lunch
2:00pm-6:00pm: AR Development continued

Sunday, Nov 5th (10am-6pm)
10:00am: Doors open
10:30am: Work on your AR app and add on Individual Challenges, Showcase Work
1:00pm: Lunch
2:00 – 4:30pm: How to best use AR, How to Get Started on Your Own, Continue working on AR app
4:30pm-6:00pm : Continue building challenges, Share your work, Game testing and playing in AR

Find out more about Upload Los Angeles’ AR Weekend Workshop taking place November 3, 4 and 5.

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