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Superhot VR Tops July's PS Store PSVR Charts, Archangel Struggles

Superhot VR Tops July's PS Store PSVR Charts, Archangel Struggles

The best-selling PSVR games on the PlayStation Store for both the US and EU in July have been revealed, and it’s total and utter dominance from Superhot VR

The stylish first-person shooter, in which time moves only when the player does, topped both charts last month after releasing around mid-July. As always, we don’t know exactly how many units the game sold but it’s likely to be a healthy chunk. We thought the PSVR version of Superhot VR was rock solid, even with the expected tracking issues.

Over in the US, Arizona Sunshine ranked second having launched towards the end of June (where it topped the US chart in just a few days). The game had a few technical issues at launch which might have put some people off, though developer Vertigo Games has addressed some issues in patches since then. It came in at 5th on the EU chart.

Other than that it’s largely business as usual here. The usual suspects — Until Dawn, Batman, Job Simulator — appear on both lists, though short horror game The Bellows came in 7th in the US and on-rails shooter Archangel came in 9th, while failing to chart in the EU (The Bellows didn’t release in the EU).

Archangel’s performance further boosts our suspicion that low sales led to yesterday’s $10 price drop as the game came to Rift and Vive too. Hopefully developer Skydance Interactive will see increased performance with the additional platforms.

Looking ahead for the month PSVR has some interesting games on the way. Dino Frontier hit this week, though it didn’t quite meet our expectations. Obduction and Sparc both hit at the end of August, though.

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