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Sony 'Looking At' Spider-Man VR For Quest, Index

Sony 'Looking At' Spider-Man VR For Quest, Index

Sony Picture Virtual Reality brought Spider-Man: Far From Home to VR last week and everyone pretty much loves it.

It’s the first time fans have had the opportunity to suit up and swing through New York as the webbed one. But the experience is missing support for two crucial new VR platforms: Oculus Quest and Valve Index. Well cross your fingers; Sony says its “looking at” potential ports.

“We’re definitely looking at it,” SPVR Senior Vice President Jake Zim told Upload when asked about Index support. “We have had a large and very positive consumer response to the launch including a lot of requests for a Quest build. We’re considering all our options and are working with our developers and the platforms to figure out the best way to manage the demand.”

Both Quest and Index would bring unique experiences to Spider-Man VR. For the former, it would allow players to swing around tether-free, as Quest doesn’t require a connection to a PC or console to run. Index’s excellent finger-tracking, meanwhile, could let players pull their middle fingers back in the iconic pose to fire webs. We tried playing the app in Index on a stream the other week but, sadly, it didn’t really work.

We quite liked the app as it is on Rift, Vive and PSVR. It’s on the short side and a little crusty presentation-wise, but it’s still the best place to web-swing in VR right now. We’ll let you know if we hear anything more about Spider-Man VR Quest and Index ports.

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