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Someone Made A Beat Saber Mod For Darth Maul

Someone Made A Beat Saber Mod For Darth Maul

Beat Saber confirms what we all knew: two lightsabers are better than one. But, as fun as dual-wielding laser swords is, wouldn’t it be cool to use them like Darth Maul, too?

One player is doing just that.

One fan of Hyperbolic Magnetism’s popular VR rhythm game is channeling his Phantom Menace in the best way possible using the ProTube VR peripheral. This adaptable add-on holds your VR controllers and can be twisted and turned to resemble virtual objects. In the case of Beat Saber, though, it just needs to hold one of the two VR controllers at each end. In VR, that gives you two lightsabers stuck together, just like Darth Maul’s.

As you can see from the video above, it does make the game a little less practical; Beat Saber’s existing levels are designed with two free hands in mind so it’s not possible to slice every note. But what you lack in high score you’ll more than make up for in feeling like you’ve become one of the most iconic baddies in Star Wars history. We’re sure Maul would be thrilled to learn of his inclusion in VR’s funkiest game if he was, y’know, still alive.

Still, with Beat Saber getting its custom level editor, you could now make levels that cater to different styles of ligthsabers. Call me old fashioned but I’d like to try the game with just the trust blue blade.

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