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Secret Of Retropolis: VR Point-And-Click Hits Oculus Quest Store Tomorrow

Secret Of Retropolis: VR Point-And-Click Hits Oculus Quest Store Tomorrow

After releasing on App Lab earlier this year, VR point-and-click throwback, The Secret Of Retropolis is launching on the official Oculus Quest store tomorrow.

We first wrote about the game from indie studio Peanut Button earlier in 2021 when it released on both Steam and Meta’s experimental storefront. The Secret of Retropolis is a gorgeous-looking throwback to classic adventure games from developers like Lucasarts, set in a retro-futuristic city with a film noir vibe. Check out a trailer below.

The experience is intended to be accessible for first-time VR users, with players solving puzzles using spring-operated arms that can reach out into the environment to grab things. Its assets were also made inside Oculus Quill, resulting in a striking hand-painted look.

We’ve seen a number of App Lab titles make their way over to the official Oculus Quest store of late. The former serves as a means for developers to get their content onto Quest without having to pass the strict curation policies for the full store. Meta has often stressed that success on App Lab doesn’t necessarily mean your app will come to the full store but, clearly, that’s the case for some developers.

This won’t be the last stop for the game. Peanut Button is also working on a port for the HTC Vive Flow, making it one of the few genuine gaming experiences to come to the slim VR headset. No date for that release just yet, though.

Are you going to be picking up The Secret of Retropolis on Oculus Quest? Let us know in the comments below!

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