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VR-Ready NVIDIA RTX 30 Series Laptops Launch Soon From $999

VR-Ready NVIDIA RTX 30 Series Laptops Launch Soon From $999

Mobile variants of the latest generation NVIDIA graphics cards come to laptops from January 26.

RTX 3060 base models start at $999, shipping from February 2.

RTX 3070 & RTX 3080 options ship from January 26, starting at $1299 & $1999 respectively.

The RTX 30-series first launched in desktop GPUs back in September. The new ‘Ampere’ architecture delivers 1.9x the performance per watt.

NVIDIA calls this its biggest laptop launch yet, with over 70 models from every major manufacturer.

The chips feature Dynamic Boost 2.0, which “uses AI to balance power between the CPU, GPU and GPU memory” – NVIDIA says this results in a seamless boost to performance when needed.

The company is making bold performance claims, describing even the $999 options as more powerful than PlayStation 5 or previous RTX 2080 SUPER laptops – those launched at more than $2000. “obtained exclusive first synthetic benchmarks run on pre-sample gaming laptops“, reporting the following findings:

  • Mobile RTX 3060 is 41% faster than Mobile RTX 2060, roughly on par with Desktop RTX 2060 Super
  • Mobile RTX 3070 is 3% faster than Mobile RTX 2080 Super
  • Mobile RTX 3080 is 17% faster than Mobile RTX 2080 Super, roughly on par with Desktop RTX 2070

These laptops should have no problem running popular PC VR titles like Half-Life: Alyx, Boneworks, Asgard’s Wrath, and even some simulators – though you’ll likely have to keep the settings on the lower side with the mobile 3060.

You can sign up on NVIDIA’s website to be notified as soon as these laptops are available.

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