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Rogue Ascent Gets New Class & Bosses With Free Marauder DLC On Quest 2

Rogue Ascent Marauder spaceship, the Black Marlin

A free Rogue Ascent update adds the Marauder class, new bosses and more to the hand-tracked sci-fi shooter on Quest.

Developed by Nooner Bear Studio, Rogue Ascent sees you fighting through procedurally-generated levels within a space station to save the planet below from a super laser. Expanding this premise with free DLC, you can now pick the Marauder class that specializes in Area of Effect (AoE) energy-based sharpshooting. "Though he begins with minimal health, his base loadout provides substantial auxiliary damage," states the team.

Marauder comes with several new weapons, but it doesn't stop there. Version 1.1.0 introduces two new bosses, 25+ new perks, expanded dialogue and 'Lockdown Missions' that involve overriding terminals on security HQ floors. New Game Plus is also available and you can now save your progress mid-run with a checkpoint system, making this a hefty update.

We were impressed in our Rogue Ascent impressions last May. Believing it offers a "well-considered control scheme and entertaining gunplay," we consider it one of the best Quest 2 hand-tracking games.

I'm very impressed with this sci-fi shooter after several hours. While Touch Controllers are supported, they don't do this experience justice, so you're better off going hands-only. Between its in-depth customization, well-considered control scheme, and entertaining gunplay, Rogue Ascent is a fine showcase of what hand-tracking games can achieve.

Rogue Ascent is available now for $24.99 on Quest 2 and Quest Pro.

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