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Return To Castle Wolfenstein Quest Mod Gets Big Performance Update

Return To Castle Wolfenstein Quest Mod Gets Big Performance Update

The latest update to Team Beef’s VR mod for Return to Castle Wolfenstein offers big performance updates on Quest.

Version 1.3 is rolling out now, and introduces Oculus Extra Latency mode. Over on Reddit the team explained that this should enable very smooth gameplay when using 72hz with high resolution per eye. Watch some of our gameplay from the original version of the mod, released back in 2020 before Quest 2’s reveal, below.

Return To Castle Wolfenstein VR Updates

Elsewhere this update introduces some new features and reintroduces some older ones. You can now walk silently using very slow movement, and support for the backpack and quick saves and loads as offhand gestures have returned too. Finally, there’s support for the bHaptics arms product, in addition to the existing bHaptics vest support.

This isn’t all that Team Beef is working on right now. The developer is also testing out its VR version of Quake 3 Arena in beta. Beyond that, we’ll be eager to see if the team has any new projects given that it’s now adapted a lot of 90’s-era PC shooter classics like Half-Life and Doom to Quest.

Are you going to be diving back into Return to Castle Wolfenstein for this mod? Let us know in the comments below!

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