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Resident Evil 4 VR Has Dual-Wielding And Physical Inventory

Resident Evil 4 VR Has Dual-Wielding And Physical Inventory

Oculus Studios and Armature’s upcoming Resident Evil 4 VR features dual-wielding weapons and a new physical inventory for VR.

More details about the game were revealed during today’s Oculus Gaming Showcase. We already knew Resident Evil 4 VR would shift the classic adventure into first-person and we saw glimpses of a player holding a knife and gun at the same time. But in an Oculus Blog post, Facebook confirmed the game supports dual-wielding weapons and also has a new physical inventory system.

While the classic briefcase inventory has been translated into VR, you’ll also be able to switch weapons on the fly by grabbing them off of your own body. You’ll be able to move with smooth locomotion or opt for teleportation-based movement too. Facebook says you’ll be able to play in seated mode, if that’s your preference.

The blog also confirms that this version of the game is running on Unreal Engine 4 and that, while it uses all of the original assets, Armature has increased the resolution and even repainted some textures to update the look. The game’s cutscenes, however, will be presented “in their original format”, so expect virtual windows.

And that’s all for now. There’s a few new gameplay clips as seen in the video above, but there’s sadly no surprise release for the game today, as the internet was hoping there might be. Instead, the game is coming later this year to Oculus Quest 2 only – it won’t be launching on PC VR headsets or even the original Oculus Quest.

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