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Rec Room Passes 3 Million Monthly Active VR Users, Mostly Quest 2

Rec Room Passes 3 Million Monthly Active VR Users, Mostly Quest 2

Social app Rec Room now has over three million monthly active users in VR.

That stat was revealed by the developer’s Shawn Whiting, who also confirmed that the majority of those users are on Meta Quest 2 headsets. That’s a leap of two million users in a little over a year; back in January 2021 the company confirmed it had surpassed a million monthly active users in VR.

In February 2022, Meta confirmed that its Horizon Worlds and Venues apps had hit a combined 300,000 monthly users, though the Worlds app is currently only available in North America and Canada and only on Quest 2 and Rift headsets. Horizon Worlds is similar to Rec Room in that it’s a social space that allows users to create worlds and items together. Last month Meta even released a video of Horizon Worlds recreating paintballing, an activity already popular within Rec Room.

“We’re very happy with the VR growth but at this point VR is a pretty low percentage of our monthly players,” Whiting said in a prepared statement. “Rec Room is seeing much more growth on iOS, Android, PlayStation, and Xbox due to there being billions of those devices out there collectively.”

Rec Room began as a VR-optional app all the way back in 2016 and quickly established itself as one of the biggest social experiences for headsets. Flatscreen versions are available alongside VR support on PC and PS4 but, in 2019, the company began rolling out to non-VR platforms like iPhone and Xbox. Fans are still hoping for a Switch release, though nothing’s been confirmed at this point.

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