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You Really Shouldn't Overlook 'Keep Talking And Nobody Explodes' Brilliant New Update

You Really Shouldn't Overlook 'Keep Talking And Nobody Explodes' Brilliant New Update

Everyone has a favorite when it comes to VR games, but we can all safely agree that Steel Crate Games’ Keep Talking And Nobody Explodes is a winner. And this month it’s got even better.

The developer has launched version 1.2 for its popular party game on Steam, where it supports both the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. The video below best explains what’s new for bomb squads, highlighting the inclusion of Mod Support. This allows other developers and fans of the game to make their own additions to it, with a first look at some of the early mods in the clip below.

First up, for example, is a brand new level designed by the developer’s own Ben Kane, set on a bus. It speeds along as you frantically try and solve your puzzles, and is brilliantly called The Bus That Couldn’t Slow Down (10 points for getting The Simpsons reference there).

Also new is Twitch Chat, which now appears directly in the game world, making Keep Talking even more ideal for streaming online. Much more important, however, is the addition of new puzzle types to make bomb defusal an even more complicated process. Anagrams will have you panicking as you try to reorder words in your head, while a set of piano keys will demand you play the right notes. Someone’s even built a mod to sync a real world clock to the in-game one so others can watch the countdown, and constructed ‘The Double Decker’, which throws two bombs into the mix.

It’s not clear if mod support will be coming to Keep Talking‘s other versions like the ones sold through Oculus Home for both the Rift and Gear VR. Steel Crate Games is also bringing the title to PlayStation 4 and PlayStation VR in the coming months, and this would definitely be a welcome addition to that version.

There are some other updates too. The developer has added some new music tracks into the mix and even updated Oculus support to version 1.6. The second screen function for VR, allowing other players to digitally very the manual used to defuse bombs, has been upgraded to support zooming, panning and a two page view. Elsewhere there are a few other minor bug fixes.

All-in-all there’s a lot to keep talking about, then.

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