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Warplanes, Gun Raiders Headline Huge Week Of Oculus Quest App Lab Releases

Warplanes, Gun Raiders Headline Huge Week Of Oculus Quest App Lab Releases

After a few dry weeks, there were a huge number of new Oculus Quest App Lab releases this week, headlined by Warplanes and other titles.

We’ve found at least 10 new titles that have dropped on the platform this week. Included among them is Warplanes: WW1 Fighters, a combat flight sim that’s grown popular since we got our first look at it earlier this year.

Also arriving are VR shooters War Yards and Gun Raiders, two multiplayer games. The former is western-themed and sees players duel in 1 vs 1 matches, whilst the latter pits teams of four against each other in arena-style matches. Another notable launch is Jigsaw 360, a puzzle game that made headlines when it was one of the first titles to be rejected for sale on the full Oculus Store, but now comes to App Lab with hand-tracking support. Peco Peco is a similar experience that has you piecing together 3D assets.

Rounding up there’s also Sep’s Dinner, The Final Overs, V-Speedway, Solicitude Wake-Up and Sky Squadron. If we’ve missed any, let us know in the comments below.

Earlier today we reported that Facebook was ramping up is App Lab submissions team to get titles approved faster and it certainly looks like that’s taking effect. App Lab is a sort of halfway-house between the full Oculus Quest Store, which is subject to a strict curation policy, and sideloading unapproved apps onto your device, which takes extra steps. App Lab titles don’t require sideloading, but also won’t show up on the store – you’ll need a direct link to buy and download them.

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