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Quest 2 Super Bowl Ad Swaps Headset's Oculus Branding For Meta Logo

Quest 2 Super Bowl Ad Swaps Headset's Oculus Branding For Meta Logo

Meta just debuted its Super Bowl ad for Quest 2, with headsets that have been rebranded with the company’s new logo.

The ad, which was first teased last week, focuses on abandoned animal automatons rediscovering each other from across the country using Quest 2. After separation, the group bumps into each other once more inside VR, in a space that looks very similar to Meta’s Horizon apps.

But, whilst the message of the advert is intended to be about connectivity and togetherness, eagle-eyed viewers would probably notice something different with the Quest 2 headsets the animatronics are using. Specifically, the Oculus branding that traditionally rests at the top of the device’s faceplate has been removed. In its place sits the new Meta logo.

Here’s a closer look on the head a penguin (it’s a weird ad):

Quest 2 Meta Branding

We’ve reached out to Meta itself to ask if the company is intending to make this switch with actual Quest 2 headsets in the near future. If that’s the case, it’s likely that any headsets bought recently will be some of the last to carry the Oculus branding on them.

Meta has been phasing out the Oculus branding since its Connect event in October 2021, though remnants of the name still remain. You still buy Quests through the Oculus website, for example, and use the Oculus app to buy and download content. It seems like it’s only a matter of time before these elements make the transition to Meta too, though.

Following the Super Bowl this weekend Meta will also be hosting a Foo Fighters concert in Horizon Venues.

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