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Facebook Resumes Quest 2 Elite Strap Shipping With 2-Year Replacement Offer

Facebook Resumes Quest 2 Elite Strap Shipping With 2-Year Replacement Offer

Facebook today began shipping the Oculus Quest 2 Elite Strap and Elite Strap with Battery accessories once more following a number of reports about broken devices.

Both Elite Straps feature a hard plastic lining to replace the original soft, stretchy strap that comes with the Quest 2. The base strap costs $50, while the battery pack, which also greatly extends the life of the Quest 2, comes with a carry case for $130. We reviewed both devices without issue but, as the straps started to arrive on customers’ doorsteps, we saw a growing number of reports, complete with pictures, claiming the strap had snapped.

Quest 2 Elite Strap Shipping Once More

Following this, Facebook began to pause further orders for the straps, offering customers the chance to outright cancel their order. In a statement provided to UploadVR today, a Facebook spokesperson cited a “processing inconsistency” as the reason behind the issue. Shipping of the accessories is now resuming with a two-year warranty in place.

Here’s the full statement:

“After investigating a small number of customer quality reports about the Elite Strap and Elite Strap with Battery, we determined there was a processing inconsistency with some early units during manufacturing. Although this issue is affecting a very small percentage of customers, we’re now offering two-year warranty coverage on all Elite Strap accessories. This means we’ll honor a free replacement up to two years after purchase date (for in-store purchases) or delivery date of your purchased product (for online orders). Anyone experiencing this issue with their Elite Strap accessory is encouraged to contact Oculus Support for assistance.”

Will you be picking up the Quest 2 Elite Battery Strap now it’s coming back on the market? Let us know in the comments below!

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