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Sony Plans To Reveal 'Compelling Lineup' Of PS5 Titles Soon

Sony Plans To Reveal 'Compelling Lineup' Of PS5 Titles Soon

It sounds like we might finally get our first official glimpse of PS5 titles soon.

In a recent Corporate Strategy Meeting (covered by popular Twitter news accounts Daniel Ahmad and Nibel), Sony said it plans “to introduce a compelling lineup of titles” for PS5 “soon.”

Well, it doesn’t get more direct than that, does it?

PS5 is planned for release this holiday season, but Sony is still suspiciously quiet about the console. Microsoft has revealed its Xbox Series X, expected to launch around the same time, including some of the first titles coming to it, but so far Sony has only officially revealed the PS5’s controller, DualSense.

That said, last week saw the debut of Epic Game’s Unreal Engine 5, running on a PS5. It provided just a glimpse of what we might be able to expect from the next-generation of gaming, and Epic says the new engine fully supports existing VR headsets.

We do know that PS5 will support the original PSVR, and that Sony is prototyping new VR headsets, possibly to succeed that device. What we don’t know is how much Sony will talk about PS5’s VR capabilities in 2020. Will we see new VR games confirmed for the console that run on the original PSVR as we wait for PSVR 2? The added horsepower provided by the new console would definitely enable a big jump for PSVR, even without any headset upgrades, and we’re hoping that developers will be able to update their existing titles to take advantage of the new hardware.

Whatever the case, we’re definitely not expecting PSVR 2 to launch this year. Catch up with everything we know about the headset right here.

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