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'Project Boundary' is an Intriguing New Sci-Fi Shooter for PlayStation VR

'Project Boundary' is an Intriguing New Sci-Fi Shooter for PlayStation VR

Earlier this month we heard that Three One Zero’s ADR1FT unfortunately wasn’t planned to support PlayStation VR. It was sad news for sure, but perhaps Project Boundary could help ease the pain.

According to A9VG, this is a new space-set multiplayer first-person shooter (FPS) that was announced for Sony’s upcoming VR headset at the PlayStation press conference ahead of the ChinaJoy event today. It’s developed by a Chinese studio named Surgical Scalpels. Set in the near future, space travel has quickly become very affordable thanks to the invention of space elevators. As such, a new breed of governments, merchants, pirates, mercenaries, and outlaws are born in a race to plunder the universe of valuable goods. From the sounds of it, that’s what you’ll be fighting for.

You can see the first trailer for the game above. It doesn’t look especially optimized for PS VR, but it’s also coming to regular PlayStation 4 systems, so we’re likely looking at footage captured with that version. Still, it’s visually stunning and the zero gravity gameplay looks great, at least for standard screens. We’re eager to see how a physics defying shooter such as this will hold up on a VR headset, though we suspect that it’s likely to start making us feel sick before too long. We’ll have to try it out for ourselves before we can tell.

If it’s any consolation, we recently went hands-on with another space-set multiplayer VR game in Detached, and found it to be a surprisingly comfortable experience. There’s proof this type of experience can work in VR, then, we just hope the same applies to Project Boundary. For now, the game is only confirmed to release in mainland China, though hopefully we’ll see a release for other regions confirmed in the run up to PS VR’s launch on October 13th. Until then, you can find out more about the game on its official website.

The ChinaJoy press conference also confirmed that China would get the kit in October too, though it will be more expensive and have fewer games.

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