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PlayStation Store Summer Sale Offers New PSVR 2 Discounts

PlayStation Store Summer Sale Offers New PSVR 2 Discounts

The PlayStation Store Summer Sale is live featuring discounts for nearly 25 PSVR 2 games.

Compared to Golden Week in Spring, Sony's latest big sale offers some better PSVR 2 discounts. You still won't find a Horizon Call of the Mountain discount yet and while Gran Turismo 7 skips this round, there is still plenty to pick from. Resident Evil Village remains our major highlight at 50% off but some games like Cave Digger go up to 60% off.

The US and EU sales mostly match up, though anyone after Moss: Book 2 won't find it separately discounted on PSVR 2 in Europe. However, both the duology bundle and original PSVR version are 30% off each. Other games like Synth Riders include an extra discount for PlayStation Plus subscribers.

You can check out the full list of US store and EU store sales but otherwise, here's our top 5 highlights across PSVR 2.

While various titles end their discounts on different dates, Sony advises some games "will be removed from the promotion on August 2."

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