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Synth Riders Celebrates 5th Anniversary With 10 New Songs

Synth Riders screenshot

Kluge Interactive is celebrating Synth Riders' 5th anniversary with Synthwave Essentials 3, adding ten songs to the VR rhythm game.

Split between five free songs and five paid add-ons, Kluge says Synthwave Essentials 3 "pays homage to the game’s aesthetic and musical roots." It calls the five free songs a "birthday gift" and with this update, the team says it's gone “Back to the Synths” with a revamped version of the classic default stage.

Here's the full tracklist for Synthwave Essentials 3:

  • Free: “A Matter of Time” - Ollie Wride, “Sledge” - Dance With The Dead, “Rendezvous” (VHS Dreams Remix) - Scandroid, “Interstellar” - LeBrock, “We Were Young”- PRIZM
  • Paid: “Jason” - The Midnight (feat. Nikki Flores), “Sunset” - The Midnight, “Blue Monday” (Synth Riders version) - Zardonic (feat. REEBZ), “New Cydonia” - Starcadian (feat. Hayley), “Behemoth” (Perturbator Remix) - GoST

Alongside a retrospective on Synth Riders' history, Kluge also confirmed the five most popular songs for PSVR 2 players on PlayStation Blog. Top of the charts is Muse – “Starlight”, followed by Gorillaz – “Feel Good Inc,” League of Legends – “Legends Never Die,” Lindsey Stirling – “Underground” and Muse – Algorithm (Alternate Reality Version).

Synthwave Essentials 3 arrives on July 11, while Synth Riders is available now on the Meta Quest platform (excluding Quest 1), Pico, PC VR, PSVR and PSVR 2.

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