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Synth Riders Quest 1 Support Ends In November But Remains Playable

Synth Riders Quest1 announcement

Kluge Interactive confirms it is sunsetting Synth Riders updates on Quest 1 after November, though it remains playable on the older VR headset.

"Today we’re sorry to announce that we’ll be sunsetting Quest 1 support effective November 1, 2023," Kluge confirms in a blog post, citing Meta's plans to end Quest 1 support this year. "With Meta ending Quest 1 support at firmware version 50, it’s tough to develop without their platform support." While the team confirms original Quest users will no longer receive updates or new features, Synth Riders will remain playable.

Kluge confirms they aren't stopping development for Quest 1 just yet. Continuing on, it announced plans to bring the Remastered Edition to all platforms, which includes the older Quest headset. Released in February as a PSVR 2 launch game, this free update promises improved performance and increased visual fidelity. Quest 1 users won't lose access to custom content or previously purchased music and experiences, either.

However, the team advises that networked services like crossplay, leaderboards, platform services and avatars "will be very difficult to keep operational without Meta’s support." Kluge confirms it will try to keep these available "for as long as possible" but "we can’t guarantee that these services will remain operational beyond November."

Synth Riders is available now on the Meta Quest platform, Pico, PC VR, PSVR and PSVR 2.

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