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Tour A Vast Airport And Discover The Organism In VRChat On PC

Tour A Vast Airport And Discover The Organism In VRChat On PC

Planet Funkatron and The Organism Trilogy offer some surprising sights in VRChat on PC. Here's a look inside:

We've been in contact with VRChat experts with thousands of hours logged across the service's interconnected web of worlds and had a few tour guides pointing us toward some of the most memorable places. We were already recording our findings when VRChat cut 30% of its workforce this week to lengthen its runway toward growth. We don't know what direction VRChat will take its social platform in the future, but this week, Don Hopper was our eyes and ears world hopping VRChat's latest public locations.

Don returned from his trip with video recorded from dozens of PC VR worlds. It's a bit overwhelming to see the incredible creative landscape possible with a beefy PC to really make it shine.

There's so much to see, we're going to make an effort here to link to many interesting public worlds over time. Link us to an interesting world with an email to

All of Don's captures this week were made with him as Spock running PC VR on his Intel I9 13900k CPU with 64GB of DDR5 RAM and an NVIDIA RTX 4090 GPU streaming to Quest 3 via Virtual Desktop. Capture was done directly on the Quest 3 headset. While it's possible that some worlds work in standalone Quest mode, we're choosing to highlight what PC-based systems are capable of showing players.

Qoo H Bocuma International Airport

The vast Qoo H Bocuma International Airport from hdorriker comes with working "underground transit system" and four terminals. "This is an Airport."


The Organism Trilogy

The Organism Trilogy of worlds from DrMorro delivers unexpected sights around every corner.

A moment captured in Don's footage shows twisting skyscrapers that are breathtaking to behold, with surprising moments to discover throughout each of these spaces "and no definitive answer."


The TC Falcon II And Planet Funkatron

There is so much happening in here that it is hard to really convey, and creator TC_Pool isn't gonna help, describing it as "A HUGE world․ Very immersive․ Far too buckwild to explain here․"

TC_Pool adds: "Explore the ship‚ Explore the planet‚ fly brooms‚ drink potions‚ learn the lore‚ quest‚ zest‚ and much more․"


Next week we'll have a look at a drivable steam train, the incredible ambiance at a VR space museum, and even take a trip to Ocarina of Time's Hyrule.

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