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Perilous and Cherry Pop Rebrand Pool Nation As SportsBarVR For PS VR Launch

Perilous and Cherry Pop Rebrand Pool Nation As SportsBarVR For PS VR Launch

If you think about it, the more Pool Nation VR has grown as a game, the less it’s actually become about pool. You can see why its developers are ready to rebrand then, at least on one platform.

Cherry Pop Games and Perilous Orbit today announced SportsBarVR will be coming to PlayStation VR in time for launch in just under two weeks. Previously the pair had announced that the original Pool Nation VR was on its way to the platform. We’ve reached out to Cherry Pop to confirm that the new game will be replacing the Pool Nation VR launch, but it certainly seems like that’s the case.

According to a PlayStation Blog post, SportsBarVR takes “everything great” about Pool Nation and builds on top of it with new content. That means you can still relax with friends over games of pool and darts, but you’ll also have some extra games to play like Shuffleboard, Chess and Checkers. Judging by the new trailer, it still supports multiplayer features and will lets you mess around in a sandbox environment. The name is really the only major difference.

That said, the PS VR version won’t boast Vive’s room scale tracking features, though will still use the PlayStation Move motion controllers. It will be interesting to see how the experience stands up with one of its major features removed.

As for the original Vive version of Pool Nation, Perilous has confirmed that the new content will be added in a free update in the near future, though didn’t confirm if the entire game would be rebranded to keep it in line with the PS VR version. “We have more news around this, but safe to say that you guys are going to be getting continued big updates and parity or greater with any other platform,” the team noted over on Steam.

SportsBarVR joins around 30 other titles for PS VR launch on October 13th.

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