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Oculus' Rubin On Resident Evil 7 Rift: 'I Hear Your Calls'

Oculus' Rubin On Resident Evil 7 Rift: 'I Hear Your Calls'

Resident Evil 7: Biohazard remains one of the most polished, terrifying and outright best games you can play in a VR headset right now. Sadly, you can only play it on PSVR. Capcom brought the game to PS4 last year with VR support as an exclusive option. But Oculus is hoping to change that.

In a tweet to fans, Oculus VP of Content Jason Rubin noted that he had heard their calls and that nothing would make him happier to see the game on the Oculus Rift. If they do choose to make a port, Capcom can count on Oculus for support.

It’s thought that Capcom had a timed exclusivity arrangement with Sony for RE7’s VR support. Indeed, many of the games that launched first on PSVR have now moved elsewhere, including Batman: Arkham VR, Rez Infinite and, as of this month, Moss.

Resident Evil 7’s VR support offers the entire original campaign inside a headset. It’s not for the faint of heart, but we braved our way through it at launch and awarded the game 9/10. Since then there’s been several expansions, including a free update that adds even more hours of VR support. Needless to say, we think the game should be supporting both the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. If you agree maybe you should let Capcom know. And hey, maybe ask about VR support for that Resident Evil 2 Remake while you’re at it?

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