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Oculus Quest 2 Returns To Sale With 128GB Model

Oculus Quest 2 Returns To Sale With 128GB Model

After a short hiatus, the Oculus Quest 2 is now back on sale with its new 128GB model.

The new device replaces the old 64GB model, doubling the storage space but retaining the same $299 price point. Facebook paused sales of Quest 2 in late July after complaints of skin irritation from a small portion of the userbase. It participated in what it described as a “voluntary recall” of the kit’s facial interface, adding in new silicon covers for newly-bought headsets.

Oculus Quest 2 128GB Model On Sale

Aside from the cover and expanded storage, this is the exact same device. The larger, 256GB model is also still available for $399.

Launching on Quest as it returns today is Schell Games’ I Expect You To Die 2, while Facebook is preparing to enter the holiday stretch with new games like Resident Evil 4 VR and After The Fall set to release on the headset before the end of the year. We’ll no doubt learn more about the company’s plans for upcoming games and hardware at the Facebook Connect developer conference in late October. We’ll be bringing you all the news from that, of course.

Need help deciding if you want an Oculus Quest 2? Make sure to check out our full review of the headset from launch last year. We’re also constantly updating our list of the 25 best games on Quest as well as other types of apps you can find in our New To VR? section.

Are you going to be picking up the Oculus Quest 2 128GB model? Let us know in the comments below!

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