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Oculus Definitely Doesn't Recommend These Rift Roomscale Add-Ons (But It Does Really)

Oculus Definitely Doesn't Recommend These Rift Roomscale Add-Ons (But It Does Really)

For reasons that stretch beyond what we can think up, Oculus wouldn’t recommend you use any third-party equipment to enhance your Rift setup. Except it does really.

In a blog post today, the final in its series looking at getting the most out of Roomscale VR, the company has shared some suggestions for equipment you might want to use to get the most out of your play space. A note at the bottom, though, says that these are definitely not recommendations, even if it is a list of products it thinks would be good to use with your Rift. By definition, that’s a recommendation, but for legal reasons, this is not a recommendation, okay? Oculus has a enough court battles for one month.

Wall-mounting is a great way to get your sensors to cover the entire area of a play space, but it requires them to be far away from a PC. For cable extensions, then, the company lists the following:

Monoprice 15-Foot Active USB 3.0 Extension
Monoprice 16-Foot Active USB 2.0 Extension
Cable Matters 16.4-Foot Active USB 3.0 Extension

When it comes to extending the Rift itself’s connection to your PC, the company points to two cables.

• Monoprice Six-Foot USB 3.0 Extension
• Monoprice Six-Foot HDMI Extension

If you’re looking to get a little more technical and change the USB card in your rig for optimized power distribution, the company suggests these four, two and one controller options:

Four Port HighPoint RocketU 1144d
Four Port Startech SuperSpeed USB 3.0 Card Adapter
Two Port Startech SuperSpeed USB 3.0 Card Adapter
One Port Inateck Superspeed USB 3.0 Expansion Card

As for actual wall-mounts, Oculus points toward Amazon and 3D printing. Rift sensors pretty happily screw into place on a lot of mounts, just like Vive’s base stations do, so anything that fits securely onto the wall should do.

Good thing Oculus didn’t assemble this post before Christmas or our lists would have looked a little strange to say the least.

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