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OC5: Turtle Rock Games Is Developing Face Your Fears 2 For Quest

OC5: Turtle Rock Games Is Developing Face Your Fears 2 For Quest

At last year’s Oculus Connect, VP of Content Jason Rubin revealed that Gear VR’s Face Your Fears, a game with several scary showcases for the platform, was one of the company’s “biggest success stories” yet. Yesterday, we found out that a sequel is on the way.

Face Your Fears 2 was somewhat quietly announced during yesterday’s Connect 5 keynote, being shown in a demo reel for Oculus’ new standalone VR headset, Quest. Since then Turtle Rock Studios, the makers of the original game, have confirmed that they’re working on the new iteration. It’s even on display at Connect this year with its own spooky booth, as seen in the pictures below.

The footage on-stage had a crow fly at the user’s face, which didn’t look pleasant at all, but that’s kind of Face Your Fear’s objective. The original game featured relatively short sequences designed to play on people’s fears in often cruel ways, selling expansions on the Oculus Store. It made for a great way to showcase the power of VR, even on three degrees of freedom (3DOF) headsets like Gear VR and Oculus Go.

It looks like Face Your Fears 2 is shaping up to be a launch title for Oculus Quest next spring. No word yet on if it will also coming to Gear and Go.

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