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New VR Games June 2021: All The Biggest Releases

New VR Games June 2021: All The Biggest Releases

Looking for the new VR games June 2021 list? We’ve got you covered.

June is here and, although a lot of VR games are due to arrive later this summer, it’s looking like a quiet month. Granted we won’t hear about a lot of releases until they’re a few days out but, for now, we’ve got the rundown of all the biggest content we know is coming your way.

New VR Games June 2021

Altdeus – Episode Yamato DLC (Early June) – Quest

More Japanese visual novel action awaits in this expansion to Altdeus: Beyond Chronos. Expect another two hours of content. It will also reach PC VR and PSVR at a later date.

Stones Of Harlath (June 3) – Quest

Theta Legion developer Garage Collective brings its gorgeous retro art style to the dungeon crawling genre. Stones of Harltah has you casting runes with motion controls and slaying enemies with spells. A PC release arrives in July.

Echo Pass Season 2 (June 8) – Quest, Rift

Echo Pass Season 2

The next season of Echo VR’s battle pass launches in June. Expect new cosmetic items to kit out your zero gravity games with.

A Rogue Escape (June 10) – PC VR

You have to get off a hostile alien planet in a stolen ship. Only problem? You have no idea how to operate it. A Rogue Escape is all about pressing every button and learning which does what in your path to freedom.

Smash Drums (June 17) – Quest

Smash Drums is a little like Beat Saber… with drums. Pretty simple, no? Work your way through 21 songs, hitting notes to the beat. This will be an App Lab release and you can try a demo now.

Sentenced VR (June 25th) – PC VR

Carry out the crown’s orders in Sentenced, a game all about beheading criminals. This isn’t just a simple gore simulator, though – Sentenced is all about exploring the human price of a grizzly business. You can read more about the game here.

That’s the list of new VR games for June 2021. What are you going to be picking up? Let us know in the comments below!

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