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Watch: VR Adventure Naau: The Lost Eye Hits Early Access This Month

Naau: The Lost Eye, one of the games we featured at last year’s Upload Summer Showcase, launches in Steam Early Access very soon.

The VR adventure game arrives on February 25th, and there’s a promising new trailer to prove it. In Naau, players explore the titular world, fighting fantastical enemies and solving puzzles.

The trailer above shows an encouraging variety of enemy types and gameplay styles, including tired and true VR bow and arrow combat. There’s also a boomerang (do we detect a hint of Zelda?) and crossbow along with some light platforming and even some Boneworks-style enemy encounters with critters that leap at you and can be grabbed and tossed. Magic will also play a part, allowing players to cast fireballs and more.

As for locomotion, the game will offer both teleport and smooth-based options. All-in-all it looks like there could be a lot to this one, but we haven’t gone hands-on to check it out ourselves just yet.

Developer Gamebit anticipates keeping Naau in Early Access for about two to four months. This release is said to be in a “near-finished” state, with some final polish needed to boss encounters and other elements. The final version will also include more content, though it’s not clear what’s to be added at this point in time.

There’s also no word yet on possible PSVR and Quest releases but, on Steam, Naau will support Index, Rift and Vive. Will you be checking the game out? Let us know in the comments below!

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