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MultiBrush Is A Free Multiplayer Version Of Tilt Brush Out Now For Quest

MultiBrush Is A Free Multiplayer Version Of Tilt Brush Out Now For Quest

Thanks to Tilt Brush going open source, we already have Multibrush from Rendever, a free multiplayer version of the groundbreaking VR app available now for Quest via SideQuest. It’s also coming soon to App Lab so you won’t have to sidelaod it.

We figured it was only a matter of time before someone released a multiplayer version of Tilt Brush, but admittedly I thought it would take a little bit longer than a week and a half or so. Luckily, the ingenuity of VR developers knows no bounds.

MultiBrush is out now on SideQuest, where you can sideload the app onto your headset to check it out and collaborate with other VR users online. This is an early 0.01b version of the app so you should expect some issues here and there.

According to the developers from Rendever:

“When Google announced it was open sourcing Tilt Brush last week, Rendever Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer Tom Neumann immediately went to work developing a multiplayer version of the popular app that gives creators a way to make art in virtual reality. Within 10 hours, the team developed a working prototype of multiplayer – a feature that has been eagerly requested by Tilt Brush users for years. Given Rendever’s mission to improve health through social VR experiences, Neumann and his team were able to leverage their extensive expertise to develop this version in record time.”

Since Rendever have already confirmed the app is definitely coming to App Lab very soon, you could just hold off if you wanted to avoid sideloading. It hopefully won’t be too long before you can just access it directly from an App Lab page. Here’s more details on how to download App Lab games onto your Quest without even needing a PC at all.

Or you can grab it now on SideQuest. Let us know what you think!

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