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Logitech's New 'VR Ink' Pen Is A Physical Stylus For VR

Logitech's New 'VR Ink' Pen Is A Physical Stylus For VR

Today Logitech is announcing the VR Ink Pilot Edition, which is a physical stylus you can use to draw and write on both 2D surfaces and 3D roomscale spaces. As you can see in the image above, you can use it while still wearing a VR HMD on 3D objects, but you’ll also be able to seamlessly work on 2D surfaces as well according to the announcement. It sounds odd from a consumer perspective, but will certainly have plenty of industrial and enterprise use cases.

Details are still a little scarce and at the time of this writing we didn’t have access to a video showing how it works, but hopefully they’ll release one soon so that we can see it in action.


“The right VR solution has the ability to change the design world as we know it,” said Jeff Meisner, chief executive officer of award-winning studio Sector 5 Digital, in a prepared statement. “We are leveraging the immersive properties of VR on HTC’s VIVE VR system to conceptualize, design, review and revise new urban mobility vehicles with clients like Bell. We have already cut the production cycle of a full-scale mockup aircraft down from several years to less than six months. The moment we started designing with Logitech VR Ink inside the Vector Suite application, we realized this tool not only speeds up our designers’ work in VR, but revolutionizes the way we design.”

Details on pre-orders are coming soon with first-generation availability planned for later this year. And if you’re reading this right now, the website should be live for more details.

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