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Larcenauts Reveals Ranger Class, New Map In Today's Update

Larcenauts Reveals Ranger Class, New Map In Today's Update

Larcenauts’ big new update, The Zarius Heist, is here and with it are the first details about the new character class, map and game mode.

Check out the trailer for the content below.

The free update adds Imperia, a new ranger class specialist. She’ll bring that most trusty of VR weapons, the bow and arrow, to the game and adds some healing elements too. Her Parasphere Field ability, for example, turns damage dealt into health for nearby allies, while Dyna Burst turns her temporarily invulnerable with rapid healing. Finally, the Animax Grenade causes area damage and spanws exploding soul wisps upon contact.

The new map, meanwhile, is called Thunderhead and is set in a remote citadel. It’s filled with ups and downs that focus on both long-range and close-quarters encounters. Paired with Thunderhead is the new Heist mode.

Overall this is a meaty update for the hero shooter, which we think is one of the best new multiplayer games this year. “These are definite thorns in the game’s side, but there’s a texture and depth to its fast-paced matches that ultimately outshines those shortcomings,” we said in our review, giving the game a ‘Great’ rating. “Larcenauts may not be as accessible as Population: One or as heavily VR-focused as Onward, but that richness makes it easily one of the platform’s most enjoyable multiplayer shooters yet.”

The Zarius Heist completes Larcenaut’s near-term roadmap and Impulse Gear hasn’t hinted at what comes next. We’ll bring you the latest on the game as we get it.

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