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IMAX VR's First European Center Opens In The UK With Multiplayer Apps

IMAX VR's First European Center Opens In The UK With Multiplayer Apps

IMAX’s VR entertainment centers are rapidly rolling out across the globe. Having first launched in Los Angeles earlier this year, the VR arcade soon came to other big cities like New York and Toronto. Now, finally, the first European center has arrived.

The company this month launched its latest VR center in the city of Manchester in the UK. The site is located at the Odeon cinema in the city’s Trafford Centre. It features 10 pods with two headsets each, catering to multiplayer VR experiences.

As such, users will be able to try out apps like Star Trek: Bridge Crew, the cooperative spaceship simulator, running on the HTC Vive. Experiences last around eight to 15 minutes, so expect to play one mission in your slot. Also on offer on the multiplayer side are Eagle Flight and Raw Data.

There are some single-player experiences too, though. These include Archangel and the new Justice League VR app, which will be exclusive to these centers until next month.

Tickets to the experience can be booked now and prices start at £7.50 per person. If you don’y own a VR headset, it’s a pretty good way of checking out what they’re all about.

More IMAX centers are expected to launch in the coming months, including another pilot center in Shanghai.

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