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Huge Humble VR Sale Sees Batman, Gorn, Blaston Go For Dirt Cheap

Huge Humble VR Sale Sees Batman, Gorn, Blaston Go For Dirt Cheap

Tons of great PC VR content is going for cheap in the latest Humble VR sale.

Highlights from the selection — which is featured for the rest of this week — include an incredible $4.99 for Batman: Arkham VR. Sure, it’s an older title but it remains one of the most polished in VR to this day. You can also get half off of ever-popular VR hit, Superhot VR, taking it to $12.49. Also don’t miss Free Lives’ ultra-violent combat sim, Gorn, for $9.99 and Resolution Games’ 1-on-1 VR shooter, Blaston, for $6.99.

Humble VR Sale Underway

Looking for something new? The Walking Dead: Onslaught is far from Survios’ best game but, at $17.99, it’s seeing a big discount not too long after launch. In terms of obscure curiosities we’d also recommend Aspyr’s Torn for its visual fidelity and Cortopia’s Down The Rabbit Hole for its innovative approach to third-person VR puzzling.

If you need a little more inspiration make sure to head over to our reviews section and see if anything on sale sits well on our review scales. You never known when you might discover a new favorite.

These are all SteamVR titles, so you’ll be able to access them with just about any PC VR headset (or Oculus Quest 2 with Link/Virtual Desktop). That said make sure to check for native support for your headset in the listings, as sometimes games can run poorly in certain devices they weren’t specifically made for.

Are you going to be picking up anything in the Humble VR sale? Let us know in the comments below!

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