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New Humble Bundle Offers Eight PC VR Games For $24

Humble 'get your head in the game' bundle - Demeo art

It's time once again for a new Humble bundle, offering eight PC VR games like Demeo and After The Fall.

Available until mid-October, the 'Get Your Head in the Game' VR bundle provides Steam keys and comes in three separate tiers. Starting from $12, that begins with Zero Caliber VR, Stride and Rick and Morty: Virtual Rick-Ality. For $16, the middle tier includes Propagation: Paradise Hotel, I Expect You To Die 2 and After The Fall: Deluxe Edition. Finally, the $24 tier adds Demeo and Grimlord.

For this latest Humble Bundle all charity proceeds will support two groups - International Medical Corps and Direct Relief. AS always, the above pricing is just the minimum cost for each tier, meaning you can pay more should you wish to further support these charities and publishers. As another reminder, you can choose the revenue split between publishers, Humble and its chosen charities.

The Humble 'Get Your Head in the Game' Bundle is available now until October 12.

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