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Zero Caliber Update Adds Crossplay PvP & Modding This Month

Zero Caliber

XReal Games will release a big Zero Caliber update later this month, implementing official modding support and crossplay PvP.

Available on July 20, XReal Games previously confirmed its plans during a hefty update in March, which added three new maps, upgraded visuals and more. This latest patch introduces crossplay PvP between Meta Quest and Steam. Official mod support for PvP maps, solo and co-op missions will also be available on both platforms through

Detailing this update further in a press release, XReal Games promises further graphical enhancements alongside general "[quality of life] fixes and improvements," though specific changes for both weren't mentioned. The Steam version will also receive PvP Modes during this update, which were previously missing.

Zero Caliber is available now on the Meta Quest platform, Steam and Rift, while this latest update arrives on July 20 simultaneously for all three platforms.

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