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Home Detective On Quest Turns Your Living Room Into A Mixed Reality Crime Scene

Home Detective c

Home Detective turns your living room into a mixed reality crime scene, and it's out now on Quest.

Created by solo developer David Addis, who previously worked on flatscreen games Burnout Paradise, Fable 2 and Black, Home Detective is a new mixed reality experience for Quest that supports passthrough and hand tracking. Overlaying a crime scene into your play area using passthrough, you investigate a murder by searching the body for clues, dusting objects for fingerprints and even checking your real-life cupboards or drawers.

Detailing Home Detective further on his blog, Addis states the project initially began as a passthrough and hand-tracking game only. However, he later realized that adding controller support "would be best, as the accuracy and precision of controller tracking (along with it having real buttons) makes it a lot more reliable." There's also a 'Pure VR' mode, which supports seated play and smaller play areas.

Here's the full description from the App Lab store page.

Use your own living room to solve the crime! Using passthrough, the crime scene is overlaid onto your play area, leaving you free to explore and find clues. Use the patent-pending Residual Heat Scanner to detect the criminals' recent movements, and then dust for fingerprints or try to find evidence left behind. With your wits, and your trusty sidekick Steve Dobbins' snarky comments, you're sure to get to the bottom of these confusing crimes.

Home Detective is available now on the Meta Quest platform via App Lab.

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