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Gory VR Gladitor Game Gorn Gets Early Access Release Date

Gory VR Gladitor Game Gorn Gets Early Access Release Date

We first saw Gorn back at the 2017 Game Developers Conference (GDC), and it left us hungry for more. Fortunately an Early Access release and a more polished look is right around the corner.

A Steam page for this bloody VR gladiator simulator has finally been posted up, revealing a July 10th release date for the Early Access version. As you can tell from the new trailer and screenshots, developer Free Lives has spent a lot of time polishing the game in the visuals department so that the blood looks bloodier than ever.

If you don’t believe in using VR for violence then you’ll want to look away now; Gorn is all about brutalising muscle-bound, meat-headed enemies with weapons both blunt and sharp in single-player gladiator battles. You’ll be able to decapitate enemies at will. It’s pretty much what we’d expect for the VR debut from the developer of Broforce.

Free Lives predicts the game will be in Early Access for anywhere between three months to a year. Over that time the studio plans to add new weapons and enemies as well as a possible boss encounter for the end. A price hasn’t been announced, but the developer notes it may change when it moves into a full version.

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