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Flight Simulator Shows Gorgeous UK Landmarks In Update Teaser Trailer

The Flight Simulator UK update looks gorgeous in this new teaser trailer.

A first look at the incoming update was revealed during Asobo’s most recent developer Q&A session in late January. As Head of Flight Sim Jorg Neumann confirmed the update adds much more detail to five UK regions including London, Birmingham, Oxford, Cambridge and Bristol. But the updates go much further than that, as the below trailer shows.

Flight Simulator UK Update Trailer

As you can see in the footage, the Flight Simulator UK update includes iconic landmarks like Stonehenge and Windsor Castle, stretching up and down the country from Land’s End to Brighton Pier with a stopover at Snowdonia National Park in Wales. As with the rest of the game, you’ll be able to experience all of these locations in VR thanks to last year’s update.

As for release? Neumann didn’t give an exact date but did say that it could arrive sometime this week. He assured that the team was working very hard to get it out the door at the moment.

In the same update, the studio revealed a new VR feedback feature that lets players vote on where Asobo should prioritize its time. Many players are hoping to get native support for VR motion controllers in there, which the studio says it’s working on along with further performance and visual fixes, with plenty more to come.

Will you be checking out the sights in the Flight Simulator UK update? Let us know in the comments below!

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