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FitXR Expands Fitness Classes With Two New Studios

FitXR Expands Fitness Classes With Two New Studios

FitXR confirms two new studios are joining the VR fitness app to bring new exercise classes to Quest this month.

Providing a wider range of workouts, FitXR plans to launch both these studios, Sculpt and Combat, across January. The Sculpt studio aims to deliver what FitXR claims is “the first-ever low impact strength and conditioning workout classes in VR,” taking inspiration from movements seen in barre, pilates, and isometric strength training. Available now in-app with eight classes, the team confirms fresh classes will be continually added, and you can read the full description below:

Sculpt offers an entirely different training style than other studios within FitXR, creating a more rounded fitness experience. Classes are meant to fatigue different areas of the body, helping to build strength in arms and legs, tone specific muscle groups, improve balance and boost mental endurance to work through the burn. In Sculpt classes, the music amplifies the experience as you are pulsing and holding along to the beat. These classes are a new and innovative way to strength train without having to use weights.

As for Combat, FitXR states this studio focuses on “fun and fierce workouts” inspired by martial arts, where you’ll practice moves from karate, Muay Thai, taekwondo and boxing. With four classes going live on January 16, more will be added “on an ongoing basis,” and you can read the description below:

FitXR trainers Dillon and Billy help keep the focus on form and technique with a series of drilling combos that simulate the unpredictability of a fight and deliver a great burn. More dynamic than Box workouts, Combat is cardio-based with big movements that lead to powerful results, including the double punch, hammer fists, elbow strikes, single arm high block and horse stance. To ignite the fighter within, Combat classes are set in a new modern urban environment with bold pop, hip-hop, and rock playlists.

First appearing as BoxVR, FitXR is one of the more prominent Quest 2 fitness exercise apps going . Following a 2020 relaunch and eventual swap to a monthly subscription model, it’s seen continued expansions through new classes, programs, and more, including accessible seated workouts.

FitXR is available now on the Meta Quest platform, priced at $9.99 a month.

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