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Firewall: Zero Hour Dev Adam Orth Departs First Contact

Firewall: Zero Hour Dev Adam Orth Departs First Contact

A few weeks before the launch of the hugely-anticipated Firewall: Zero Hour, developer Adam Orth has left the studio that made it.

Over on Twitter, Orth revealed that yesterday was his last day at First Contact Entertainment. “Finishing my work on FZH left me some time to reflect and realize there are some new things I want and need to explore,” he wrote.

There’s no reason to worry about the state of Firewall itself; the game went gold not long ago and will be launching exclusively on PSVR on August 28th. It’s a tactical multiplayer shooter that pits players in 4 v 4 battles, and we’re very much looking forward to it.

Still, Orth’s departure is somewhat surprising given the proximity to Firewall’s launch and the fact that he joined First Contact just 18 months ago. He made the move to the LA-based team after finishing up work on his first VR game, Adrift, which launched alongside the Oculus Rift. Developer Three One Zero was shuttered at the same time.

As for what’s next, Orth promised an update “soon-ish”, though his profile now notes that he’s “Mostly likely in VR”. Replying to one fan that hoped the developer would remain in VR, he wrote: “You know it, buddy. Always! Keep on supporting the game. Lots still to come!”

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