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Facebook Horizon Workrooms Adds Remote Desktop Support For Apple M1 Macs

Facebook Horizon Workrooms Adds Remote Desktop Support For Apple M1 Macs

Facebook Horizon Workrooms added support for Apple’s M1 Mac computers, which should allow users to bring the latest Macbook Pro, Air and Mac Mini models into Workrooms via remote desktop software.

Facebook launched Horizon Workrooms last month, allowing Quest 2 users to work and collaborate remotely with other users in a virtual boardroom. The app supports bringing your computer into VR via remote desktop software installed on your PC or Mac, which streams your desktop view to a virtual screen at your seat in Workrooms. You can control your computer either via a cut-out of the passthrough view displaying your desk or with a tracked keyboard represented virtually on your Workrooms desk, available for select supported models.

The Oculus Remote Desktop software required for Workrooms integration launched with support for Windows and Mac computers, but did not support the latest line of Macs using Apple’s new M1 chip. This new line of Macbook Pro, Air and Mac Mini features custom silicon designed by Apple, which has underlying architectural differences from previous models.

oculus facebook workrooms m1 mac

Previously, Facebook said M1 support was being worked on and should arrive within a month or so. Now, the update is available and allows M1 Macs to be used in Facebook Workrooms via remote desktop with ease. The software download page confirms the update, encouraging M1 users experiencing difficulty running or install Oculus Remote Desktop to redownload the software and try again with the new version.

We tested out Oculus Remote Desktop on an M1 Macbook Pro earlier today and can confirm that installation went smoothly and the computer appeared in Workrooms with no hiccups. The Macbook Pro and Air keyboards can also be tracked natively by the Quest, allowing you to use a virtual representation of your keyboard in VR that matches your laptop keyboard’s position in real life.

You can read more about Workrooms here and download the Oculus Remote Desktop software here.

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