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Dolphin Trainer VR Is An Actual, Real Game Coming Next Year

Dolphin Trainer VR Is An Actual, Real Game Coming Next Year

Do we have a new contender for the most anticipated VR game of 2021? I think we do – Dolphin Trainer VR is coming in the new year.

Due in Q2 for PC VR headsets, Dolphin Trainer VR is the latest from Forestlight Games, and published by sim genre regulars, PlayWay (also behind the recently-released House Flipper). In the game, you start out as a wannabe dolphin trainer, yourself learning the ropes. As you progress, you’ll get to spend more time with your aquatic companion, performing new tricks together. Check out the (CG-looking) trailer below.

Dolphin Trainer VR Is A Real Game

Yes, the trailer does indeed suggest you’ll be able to brush a dolphin’s teeth. I’m sure that’s someone’s VR dream, right?

Forestlight notes that you’ll first be looking to complete a bachelor’s degree before going on to earn a scuba certification. After that, you’ll get to practice simple tasks and even get a job as a trainer.

But then the Steam description for the game takes a turn – your fifth and final step will be to lead the dolphins to freedom.

“Taking captive wild animals, especially so intelligent ones, is not a good thing,” the description reads. “You knew that from the beginning. You know how to talk to them, you know the topography of the terrain, it’s time to free the dolphins.”

Is it just me or is this starting to sound pretty epic? Currently, there’s no actual gameplay to go off, so we can’t really judge yet. We’ll be sure to bring you more as soon as we have it, though.

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